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Introducing Elijah Wells
Elijah was born on June 30th, 1997 in Miami Florida.  He is a local actor, writer, promoter, and film director in Overtown.  Elijah started at an early age beating drums for his church. He then enrolled in Ms. Nichols Inner City tap dancing class at Charles Hadley Park.  His love for taking photos grew to a part time job for Elijah. He would get booked for baby showers, birthday parties and even funerals. His father brought him a camera at ten years old.
This is where it all started for Elijah developing a new discovery. He would follow his mother A.K.A Sista Martha to local community events to take photos in 2009; he started acting classes with Kids on Camera. Furthermore, Elijah was always busy with his camera increasing his skills.
In 2010, Elijah auditions at Miami Arts Charter for photography major. That same summer he also had auditions for the American Black Film Festival Cine Lab workshop that was directed by Reggie Scott filmmaker and American Black Film Festival Producer. The workshop was for youth in the Overtown area ages 13-18 (grades 8th to 12th). Cine Lab is an educational outreach program .This program was extensive providing hands on activities to develop an interdisciplinary skill that teaches the art and business of filmmaking while learning the participants’ literacy, communication, and interpersonal proficiency.