CM Film Festival
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We create unique, customized partnerships, branding opportunities, and
promotions for our sponsors to met their individual goals. We build partnerships to last not just 10 days, but through the year and for years to come. We welcome the opportunity to show how our festival can deliver for your organization.
Festival sponsors receive strong marketing value for their efforts, as well as access to the great things the Florida Film Festival has to offer.
The Chellea Magazine Film Festival offers an unprecedented promotional opportunity for reaching loyal, enthusiastic, educated adult consumers. This powerful and unique opportunity guarantees high visibility, not only among Chellea's large and sought-after audience but also through a targeted provincial and national advertising campaign.
1 . Prominent visibility reaching with a media blitz including television spots, a strong internet presence, subway and bus shelter posters, and a high-profile print campaign.
2. Logo placement on the cover of our program guides on sale across the province, notably through SuperClub Vidéotron and HMV; advertisements strategically placed in our program guide.
3. Your ad on our free complimentary DVD included with each program guide.
4. The privilege of sponsoring specific films.
5. Commercials on our big screens before selected films.
6. Logo placement and branding specifics.
7. It is a possible to sponsor or be associated with a specific section of the festival’s program.
8. Visibility and links on our website.
9. VIP passes and tickets to Fantasia for your clients and/or employees.
10. Your logo on our eye-catching, full-color banner, located in the center of downtown Montreal
The Chellea Magazine Film & Drone Festival is a community-based event founded in 2014 by a publication group and a group of micro-budget indie filmmakers in Miami, Florida. Embracing the medium of film, the Chellea Magazine Film & Drone Festival is excited to bring a truly unique and independent cinema experience to Florida with the goal of increasing community awareness and support for film as a cultural asset. In addition to showcasing cinema from around the world, CMFF is dedicated to preserving nurturing and cultivating filmmakers within the local community by providing an avenue to network, showcase, and discuss all aspects of film.
CMFF is presently offering a variety of custom-tailored sponsorship packages for the 2016 Festival, which represent unique opportunities for promotional awareness, brand positioning, custom activation, and client/executive hospitality.
CMFF sponsorships will deliver the greatest marketing impact possible, aligning your brand with experiences leading up to and throughout the festival. We work closely with your organization to reach your targets, develop a unique approach, and integrate offerings to achieve sponsors objectives.
Thank you for your support in making the first Annual Chellea Magazine Drone & Film Festival possible!
A vessel for Drone Filmmakers and Filmmakers to showcase their films
A launch for world or North American premieres of important films
An intimate and exceptional experience, held for over four days
An annual destination for the “who’s who” of the film world
An expertly programmed showcase designed for sophisticated viewers
Quality Reach: The highly desirable audiences are –National; over 92% travel in to the event, active media consumers and early adopters who are passionate about movies.
Passion and Commitment: The audience is committed to the entire 4 day experience
Exceptional: Our exceptional sponsor environment provides excellent brand visibility
Attention: Top national press attend
Accessible: Accessibility to the filmmakers provides excellent photo opportunities
First-Class Destination: CMFF is a first-class destination—the resort location and the Festival
Festival Elite Sponsor - $5,000 Major Sponsorship includes, but is not limited to, the following benefits:
1. Sponsor can show a less than 60 second message (commercial, future trailer) to all film festival attendees with message to be shown on the big screen before each film session of each day of the festival.
2. Sponsor will have VIP seating at each screening session.
3. Sponsor will have their logo printed on most printed materials including tickets, gift bags, and program guide (full page ad in program), including red carpet logo placement.
4. Sponsor will be named as a major sponsor in radio ads, newspaper press releases, television press releases, and on our website's home page, with link to sponsor from home page. Logos will be used where appropriate, which is most cases.
5. Sponsor can offer approved door prizes or promotional merchandise to be handed out to festival attendees.
10.(30) All festival passes good for admission to all films and musical guests, including opening party.
Major Sponsorship - $ 1,000 Sponsorship includes, but not necessarily limited to:
1.Sponsor thanked after each film screening session of each day of the festival.
2.Sponsor logo and link on footer of our website at
3.Sponsor logo on most printed materials.
4.(15) All festival passes good for admission to all films and musical guests, including opening party.
Sponsorship - $500  Sponsorship includes, but not necessarily limited to:
1.Sponsor logo and link on footer of our website.
2.Sponsor logo on most printed materials.
3.(5) All festival passes good for admission to all films and musical guests, including opening party.
FESTIVAL BOOTH All Weekend (Fri - Sun) $1,000
One Day (any day) $200 ( You provide table linen and chairs )
Size 1.Full page (6 x 9.5)
Size 2.Half page (3 x 4.5)
Size 3.Quarter page (4 x 4.5 )
Back Cover Full Page $2,000
Inside Front Cover Full Page $1,500
Inside Back Cover Full Page $1,500
Inside Full Page $1,200
Inside Half Page $600
Inside Quarter Page $300